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How can you tell what year a pocket watch was made?
Compare the serial number, which is on the back plate of the movement, to a Production Dates list for the company that manufactured the watch.
Where can I find a reliable watch repairman?
The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute has a referral service for watch repair.
Did railroad companies provide watches to their employees?
Railroad timepieces were not purchased by the railroads. However, railroad companies required conductors, engineers, and time schedulers to use railroad approved pocket watches on the job.
How long were pocket watches used by railroad workers?
Railroad employees used railroad pocket watches for a total of 76 years.
In what year was the last railroad pocket watch sold?
The Hamilton Watch Company sold the last railroad pocket watch in 1969.
What was the cheapest pocket watch ever sold?
In an 1892 mail-order catalog, R. H. Ingersoll sold pocket watches for one dollar each. Four years later, in his 1896 catalog, he advertised Ingersoll watches as, "The Watch that Made the Dollar Famous."


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