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Mah-Jong Set

This is the only Mah-Jong set we have available. Because of the weight of the set, shipping and insurance will be $ 75.00 within the United States. International shipping cost will depend on the destination.

Chinese Mah-Jong Set
Circa: 1967

Wan Suit     Circle Suit


Bamboo Suit     Wind Suit

Black Numbered Counting Sticks     Red Numbered Counting Sticks



This Chinese Mah-Jong Set, circa 1967, comes in a royal purple velvet case. Each suit of bamboo-backed tiles (144 total) stores in a red velvet-lined tray. The tiles measure 2.5 cm (centimeters) by 1.75 cm by 1.5 cm thick; one inch by eleven-sixteenths by nine-sixteeths of an inch. Playing instructions, in Chinese, 88 "counting sticks," and two pairs of dice are included in the set.

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