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How much gold is in the new dollar coin?
The current so called "Gold" dollar, struck for general circulation, contains no gold. Specifications for the coin are: size: 26.5 millimeters, plain edge; weight: 8.1 grams; composition: pure copper core with an outer layer of manganese brass (Alloy contents: .770 copper, .120 zinc, .070 manganese, and .040 nickel). However, 22-karat gold numismatic specimens were struck at the West Point Mint.
What was the first coin to have IN GOD WE TRUST on it?
The 1864 U.S. TWO CENT piece was the first coin to have IN GOD WE TRUST on it. The United States Philadelphia Mint issued a Two Cent piece from 1864 until 1873.
What was the last year Indian Head pennies were made?
1909 was the last year in which Indian Head Small Cents were minted. The coin was struck at these United States Mints: Philadelphia, 14,370,645 mintage, no mint mark; and San Francisco, 309,000 mintage, "S" mint mark. The mint mark is on the reverse, below the bow of the wreath.
Has the United States ever had a coin worth less than one cent?
The United States Mint at Philadelphia, issued Half Cents from 1793 until 1857. During those years, with some years in which no coins were issued, five Types of Half Cents were minted.
How can you tell if a 1995 penny is a double-die coin?
The 1995 Lincoln Small Cent Double Die is doubled on the obverse; doubling occurs on the word LIBERTY. This doubling is strong and appears at the top edge of each letter. All 1995 pennies with this characteristic, were struck at the Philadelphia Mint, and consequently, have no mint mark. (Other coin denominations issued from the Philadelphia Mint, have had a "P" mint mark from 1980 to date.)


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