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Brownie Holiday Flash

Brownie Holiday Flash - FrontBrownie Holiday Flash - Back

Circa 1955.
Description: Moulded brown plastic body with tan plastic shutter "button" and film-advance knob; optical direct view finder.
Type: Solid body; eye level; roll film
Specifications: Dakon plastic lens; rotary shutter; 127 film.

$ 65.00


Minolta 16

Minolta16 (Closed) With Leather Case
Minolta 16
With gray leather carrying case
Minolta 16 Open Minolta 16 Flash Unit
Minolta 16
Open for shooting
Baby BC-III Flash Unit,
for Minolta 16,
with plastic case

This Minolta 16, with a ROKKAR, 1:28, F22mm lens, has a chrome-colored body. Both a No. 1 and a No. 2 closeup filter, as well as an 81B filter come with the camera. The Baby BC-III flash attachment, specifically for the Minolta 16, has its own plastic case. All elements of this package are in excellent condition.

$ 195.00


Nikomat FTN

Nikomat - Front View

Nikomat - Front View

Nikomat - Top View

Nikomat - Top View

Nikon Nikomat FTN #3670xxx, circa 1966. Lens:Nikkor 1.4/50. Soft leather case. The black body shows some areas of wear along the top edges. Although this camera takes excellent photographs, the shutter no longer synchronizes with the flash.

$ 375.00



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