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Is there any advantage to having cards graded?
The price difference between raw and graded cards can be substantial. Graded cards are easier to sell. They give a collector confidence in the quality and authenticity of the card being bought. Slabbed cards are also protected from both damage through mishandling and from tampering.
What is the best way to store raw cards?
Card dealers sell plastic sleeves for trading cards. Storage in a cool, dry environment is essential. To prevent unintentional damage, handle cards as little as possible.
How can you tell counterfeit cards from real ones?
Check the weight of the card in question against the weight of a card known to be authentic. Fake cards are usually printed on a different card stock and weigh noticeably less than a genuine one. Inspect the dot patterns on the card. Look for differences between a known card and the suspected fake.
What constitutes a rookie card?
A player's rookie card is represented by his first appearance on a regular issue card from one of the major card sets; e.g. Donruss, Fleer, Topps etc. Although a rookie card can be a First Draft Pick or an Olympic Card, it cannot be a Record Breaker, All-Star, or Diamond King card.
How are trading cards graded?
Cards are graded based on the centering of the image, sharp corners, smooth edges, original color borders, and gloss. Color and focus imperfections, as well as print spots, are examined. Grades range from 1 to 10. For a more complete explanation of grading, visit the Beckett site.


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